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  • Funnels
  • Copywriting
  • Media Buying
  • Free Traffic
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If You Sell $500,000+ a Year In Information, You NEED
To Be In This Room - Welcome To The Expert Summit!

I've Sold $64.8 Million Worth of Information Products in Lurn in a 3 Years Window.
In a 12 Month Window, I Invested $10.1 Million in Paid Ads at 3.06X ROAS. And, I've Made Millions with Email - I'm Revealing It All...

Anik and Lurn’s results are not typical. Background, education, and effort may affect your experience. Information shared here is not a guarantee of success but an example of how its strategies work. Your results may vary.
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Our First Three Events Were Such A Massive
Success - We’re DOUBLING Down...

At our First FIve Expert Summit in October 2022, January, March 2023, July 2023 and October 2023...

  • Over 580 of the World’s top entrepreneurs...
  • Our events had multiple 8-figure businesses in attendance...
  • People traveled from across the globe to attend and network...

Here’s What Past Attendees Are Saying...

John Talarico
"If you’re on the fence about coming, don’t waste your time. Don’t miss the opportunity to surround yourself with the right kind of people & information to scale your business to the next level..."
Jake Randall
"I’ve been running webinars for a LONG time, but getting the advanced strategies have been fascinating. It’s nice to be in a room with experts who know what they’re doing, & are doing big things..."
Alicia Lyttle
"Just with the connections I’ve made, in addition to the knowledge being dropped by Anik and the panelists, it’s hard to quantify just how much impact this can have on my business..."
Noah St. John
"I’ve been to lots & lots of events in the past 25 years, & this is absolutely one of the top level events I’ve ever attended. I love what Anik is teaching us, he’s really opening his playbook..."
Kaci Brown
"It’s incredible that Anik opens the
doors to his business, pulls back the curtain, & shares everything. Coming to The Expert Summit is one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time..."
Alok Trivedi
"The people in this room are playing
the game at a whole different level. They’re doing business at a whole different scale. The environment here allows you to up-level yourself..."
Disclaimer: All attendees have existing businesses generating at least $500,000 per year. Their results have not been independently verified. Any claims they make regarding the impact this summit can have on their business can not be substantiated.
Disclaimer: All attendees have existing businesses generating at least $500,000 per year.
Their results have not been independently verified. Any claims they make regarding the impact this summit can have on their business can not be substantiated.

Join Our Expert Summit Alumni!

Scott Simson
Ryan Allaire
Ron Douglas
Jonathan Montoya
Joe McCall
Robby Blanchard
Stephen Somers
Jon Talarico
Akbar Sheikh
Andy Brackpool
Abraham Kallon
Mike Buontempo
Christina Rowe
Troy Ericson
Neeta Kudtarkar
Thomas Kammerer
Deborrah Ashley
Igor Kheifets
Noah St John
Eddie Maalouf
Janak Mehta
David Schloss
Carlos Redlich
Eric Toz
Winter Valko
Stefan Ciancio
Alex Rivera
Ryan Magin
Alicia Lyttle
Joe Piperni
Ralphael Locklear
Alok Trivedi
Richard Mugica
Jonathon Otto
Travis Stephenson
Logan Fields
Leo Horacio
Jon Shugart
Earnest Epps
Rinay Chand
Kenneth Yu
Alan Hidalgo
Ashley Kemp
Corey Poirier
Derek Gehl
Ryan McCrary
Juancarlos Aronez
Rashida Mendes
Jose Escobar
Joe Evangelisti
Angie Norris
Parthiv Shah
Drew Kossoff
Shaqir Hussyin
Arne Giske
Jordan Mederich
Joe Lawrence
Chris Haddad
Jake Randall
Jesus Diaz
Hima Reddy
Andrew Darius
Cris Cawley
Carlos Aviles
Ilias Hamdouch
Dominique Fraser
Pedro Mattos
Dan Ryder
Douglas Crowe
Lorette Lyttle
Walt Bayliss
Ashton Shanks
Alex Nghiem
Matthew Shuebrook
Matt Clark
Suleman Sheikh
Ricky Mataka
Lauren Tickner
Kaci Brown
Emmon Khan
Jay Wong
Saurabh Bhatnagar
Brendan Kelly
Vijay Thirumalai
Sonia Ricotti
Jeff J Hunter
Zion Kim
Corey Lewis
Barry Plaskow
Mo Latif
Chad Thibodeaux
Gary Ambrose
Marko Rubel
Savannah Higgins
Fernanda Castaneda
Laura Brackpool
Amanda Pagels
Sam Hodgett
Adeel Chowdhry
Alexander Ryker
Beejel Parmar
Dr. Andrea Adams
George Shepard
Gov Bhandari
Jen Crowe
Joe Soto
Jonathan Otto
Kent Littlejohn
Luis Carrillo
Lynn Rose
Moe Ghias
Rashaod Crosson
Rehan Hassan
Rocio Arroyave
Shaan Kassam
Shant Yegparian
Stefanie Hartman
Todd Spears
Tommie Powers
Wayne Shirreffs
Wyatt Woodsmall
David Calafiore
Lisa Rangel
Brandon Clyde
Dominique Brown
Ash Akshay Goel
Brian Edmondson
Abhi Dwivedi
Stephen Floyd
Ken Dunn
Mia Hewett
Baldeep Chawla
Patric Chan
Ryan Phillips
Christopher Huntley
Larry Loik
Laurent Amzallag
Neil Napier
Tellman Knudson
Gavriel Legynd
Justin Sardi
Alex Graves
Umair Mansha
Sean Kelly
Shawn Casey
Bella Truong
Chris Alonzo
Brian Anderson
Glynn Kosky
Jeff Schwerdt
AJ Cassata
Thomas K.R. Stovall
Larry Steinhouse
Blake Nubar
Liam Kircher
Adam Gilad
Joseph Lazukin
Joel Palathinkal
Eric Forner
Shelton Marchman
Grayson Loupas
Richard Matthews
Eric Monies
Joanne Cipressi
Brookes Bruno
Joel Therien
Michael Stevenson
Gary King
Caleb Jennings
Josevie Jackson
Damon Prouty
Zach Fisher
Cristina McKay
Barry C. McLawhorn
Sabri Ryan Sivan
Jason Cheek
Ruben Licera
Dominick Carney
Dean Edelson
Daniel Greer
Shanita Jones
Karron Jones
M M Mohiuddin
Mark Blocker
Myown Holmes
Kim Schwalm
Breona Anderson
Ryan Munsey
John Cho
Ed Raey
Rashad Babayev
Zak Lewis
John Jackson
Stanley Dawejko
Brian Hardy
Mike Warren
Naveed Khan
Luba Evans
Cat Timmons
Nikki Barry
Sherman Ragland
Ahmad Malik
Gangesh Pathak
Ayobami Oyaleke
Izabela Plotkina
Adam Linkenauger
Matthew Sikich
Scott Glass
Khurram Shahzad
and More Coming...

Criteria Needed To Attend This Event For FREE*...

  • Information Marketers ONLY (Courses, Coaching & Consulting)
  • Minimum $500,000 a Year Revenue in Information Business.
  • Must Attend Event LIVE - No Virtual Option...

Why I’m doing Another Event,
Why It’s INVITE-ONLY & Why It’s
Completely FREE*...

When I first had the idea for The Expert Summit, I sat down with my financial team and did the math. The numbers we’d seen over the last 3 years completely SHOCKED me...

  • I’ve Done $64.8 Million in Sales in a 3 Year Window...
  • I Spent $10.1 Million On Paid Ads PROFITABLY in a 12 Month Window...
  • I’ve Managed an Email List of Over 665,000 Names.
  • We Brought In Over 636,073 Webinar Registrations in 12 Months Window...
  • I Got 1.7 Million+ Clicks From My Advertising!

Anik and Lurn’s results are not typical. Background, education, and effort may affect
your experience. Information shared here is not a guarantee of success but an example of
how its strategies work. Your results may vary

So Why Am I Doing ANOTHER Expert Summit?

I’ve heard from so many of our Expert Summit Alumni, and one thing is clear. This was one of the best events most had ever attended.

So I know my mission struck a chord...

In my career, I’ve built an incredible business & team here at Lurn. I’m so proud of everything we do and how many people we’ve helped. But for most of my career, I’ve helped people who were just getting their businesses started.

In 2022, it hit me like a BRICK WALL...

I’ve mastered SO many skills over the years, and built such a DEPTH of knowledge - that I can really help the NEXT level of Entrepreneurs.  I have so many systems, strategies and frameworks!

So I selfishly created The Expert Summit for 3 reasons...

  1. To Connect & Network with The SMARTEST Minds In Information Marketing...
  2. To Learn The HURDLES & Challenges Advanced Marketers Face So I Can SOLVE Them...
  3. And To Create Awareness & Buzz ABout This Brand-New Powerful Mastermind I’ve Launched - Board of Experts...

Even though my reasons may be selfish, what I love is that everyone can truly benefit from coming to this event! It’s a true WIN-WIN.

Why is it INVITE-ONLY?

What made The Expert Summit such a MASSIVE success is simple. We covered ADVANCED topics.

We made sure that everyone in the room had a BASELINE knowledge.

For Expert Summit 6, I want to make sure that everyone in the room can HELP EACH other and bring value to one another. So, unfortunately that means we have to have a minimum REVENUE requirement.

You must be doing at least $500,000 a year to even meet the criteria to come to this event - although at our first event, MOST were 7-figure earners*.

This way - because everyone in the room is a successful marketer, the NETWORKING opportunity is truly UNMATCHED,

Why Is This Expert Summit 6 FREE*?

Simple. I want to do business with you in the future. I want you to get to know me. I want you to trust me. So, what have we learned in marketing?


I don’t have anything to hide. I want to create a risk-free environment to connect with you. I want to create so much value for everyone who attends that doing business with one another just becomes natural.

That’s it. That’s my simple goal.

Disclaimer: All attendees have existing businesses generating at least $500,000 per year. Their results have not been independently verified. Any claims they make regarding the impact this summit can have on their business can not be substantiated.
Sessions At The Expert Summit 6
Day #1: Conversion & Funnels

Nothing is more important for scaling than having SCALABLE funnels that convert.

VSLs. Webinars. Sales Letters. Summits. Challenges. We’ve done them all. We’ll look at your niche, your target audience, your products and decide which funnel is the best for you.

But, when discussing funnels, too many people forget that there are different “kinds” of funnels. Many businesses get obsessed with just PAID MEDIA funnels that you leave amazing profit centers completely untapped - like your EMAIL List and your SALES Team...

Well, not for long...

Meet the Funnel Triangle...

Session #1: HIGH-ROI Profit Promotions with Email List
Morning Session - 2 Hours

If you’re an information marketer, your absolute highest ROI traffic is your Email list.

But way too many marketers sleep on their Email list. Instead, they’re only focused on scaling and buying new traffic. All while nearly 100% profit from their list is sitting right under their nose!

During this session, we’ll cover the most advanced techniques, including an analysis of our top-converting campaigns.

We’ve used these techniques to generate multiple 6-figures per month in pure profit.

We’ll go in-depth on...

  • Summit Campaigns - How to run anywhere between ½ Day Summits to 3 Day Summits to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in product and coaching. We use Summits to keep our Sales Teams very busy!
  • Challenge Campaigns - We use Challenge Funnels to create MULTIPLE monetization opportunities for our Email List. This is the BEST type of campaign to use when you’re launching a NEW coaching program!
  • LIVE Webinars - This may be the EASIEST way to create campaigns for NEW products you’re releasing. We’ve done millions in LIVE Webinar campaigns to our Email Lists!
  • Affiliate Monetization - Learn how to create Millions with products that are not even your own. Creative marketing campaigns to consistently be #1 on Leaderboards!
Session #2: Infinitely Scalable Evergreen Funnels For Ads
Afternoon Session #1 - 2 Hours

If you want to scale your information business as quickly as possible, it’s absolutely vital that you build a funnel that can be monetized with ads.

We’ll reveal the 2 types of funnels that we find are the best for scaling to paid advertising.

We’ve found this to be the easiest way to add ZEROS to our business’s revenue. The fastest way to scale is finding the right campaigns that you can buy traffic from Facebook, YouTube, and Google for.

We’ll cover...

  • Low Ticket Funnels: Exactly how to use $100 or below offers to get a volume of high-quality customers.
  • Webinar Funnels: How we got 636,000 registrations off $10.1 million in cold audience ad spend - all while building an Email list at the same time.
Session #3: Agency Marketing - Scale Your Agency Without Word-of-Mouth
Afternoon Session #2 - 2 Hours

Are you an agency that’s been relying on “word-of-mouth” marketing to scale? Sure, that can work for a while. But once you reach the end of your network, scaling your agency to the next level can feel impossible.

That’s where this session comes in. We’ll teach you 3 core strategies agencies in all niches can use to bring in high-ticket clients...

  • Agency Marketing Funnels - You’ll learn how to build new funnels, and optimize your existing funnels to immediately bring new clients into your agency.
  • Agency Lead Generation - The best strategies that 7 and 8-figure agencies use every single day to maintain constant QUALITY lead flow. Never worry where your next leads are coming from again.
  • Organic Lead Generation for Agencies - This is like applying a client MAGNET to your business. You’ll have highly-qualified clients seeking you out, instead of paying thousands (or more) for cold leads.
Day #2: Traffic & Scale

Once your funnels are set and tested, it’s time to SCALE your business. On Day #2, I will walk you step-by-step through my “Pentagon of Scale.”

It’s the EXACT system I used to scale my own business to $30 million per year.

Anik and Lurn’s results are not typical. Background, education,
and effort may affect your experience. Information shared here is not a guarantee of success but an example of how its strategies work. Your results may vary.

The second part of day 2 is all about DIALING up your traffic. The challenge with traffic is that most information marketers think very unilaterally about it.

Many marketers are trying to find the ONE perfect traffic source and scale.

Well, that’s risky and it’s also not the best way. During Day #2 of the Expert Summit Mastermind, we’re going to DEEP into the 3 best sources for scaling your traffic.

We all know the fastest way to scale a business is to attract more customers and grow your audience.

We’ll turn the traffic tap on and you can dial it up and down as much as YOU want - regardless of the cost! Day #2 is all about helping you skyrocket your traffic and acquisition.

Session #4: The Mindset Shifts I Made to SCALE My Revenue
Morning Session - 1 Hour

Scaling a business is simply not possible without some MAJOR shifts in Mindset. This is something I wish I had learned much sooner in my career. I could have saved myself countless headaches - not to mention millions of dollars.

Taking your business to 8-fgures requires so much more than just “working more.” Believe it or not, to reach 8-figures you should be working LESS. That’s the goal of this session.

We’ll dive DEEP into how to change your thinking so you can scale your business holistically without completely BURNING OUT.

"For our team, scaling was all about changing our thinking..."

Session #5: The 5 Key Points to Scaling to $30M a Year!
Afternoon Session #1 - 2 Hours

I’m going to lay out my EXACT 5-point framework that I used to scale my information business to $64.8 Million in sales in just 3 years.

I’m revealing it all. The combination of paid ads, simple funnels, and scaling systems I used to turn Lurn into a $30 million per year business. I’ll reveal my exact timeline and roadmap for taking an information business from 0 to 8-figures, while showing you EXACTLY what to focus on and what to ignore...

Most of us have thought at least one of these at some point...

  • Organic traffic is too much work and it takes too long.
  • My paid ads are failing miserably.
  • My margins are shrinking - or have flat-out disappeared.
  • I can’t find any good employees.
  • My customers and clients suck!

As entrepreneurs, we never admit these things out loud, but we’re almost all thinking them. Heck, there was a time in my career when I was thinking all 5 at the same time.

That’s why I created this master session.

In this session, I’ll dive DEEP into...

  • Finding the perfect offers for your business...
  • How to convert customers with strategic intent...
  • Mastering the PROCESS of acquisition with omni-present marketing...
  • Monetizing the existing parts of your business you’re overlooking...
  • Exactly how to build the perfect team for YOU and your business...
Session #6: Facebook Ads - Monetizing Facebook’s 2.85 Billion Users
Afternoon Session #2 - 1 Hour

Even with a Recession looming and ad costs skyrocketing, there are still incredible ways to profit from Facebook advertising. We continue to see amazing results from Facebook despite all of the “roadblocks” thrown in our way.

During this session, we’ll detail every change we’ve seen in Facebook Ads, including the latest iOS updates.

We’ll show you the...

  • Best bidding strategies...
  • Best audience building strategies...
  • Best targeting strategies...
  • Highest-converting funnels...
  • And the process of SCALING these ads...
Session #7: YouTube Ads - Harnessing the World’s 2nd Largest Search Engine
Afternoon Session #2 - 1 Hour

It’s time to start getting your business in front of one of the world’s most captive audiences.

Incredibly, 62% of U.S. Internet users go to YouTube EVERY SINGLE DAY. And over 1.5 billion people watch YouTube shorts at least once a month...

In this hour-long session, we’ll show you how to find laser-focused leads again and again on YouTube.

While everyone obsesses over Facebook, YouTube is actually one of the most SCALABLE platforms for advertising. We’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Session #8: TikTok Ads - Millions of Views a Month With 45-Second Videos
Afternoon Session #2 - 1 Hour

TikTok is officially the #1 website in the world.

We’ll bring in a true expert to show you how he gets millions of views every single month for his clients using 5-second LOOP videos.

Oh, and there won’t be any cringey dancing either.

Love it or hate it, TikTok is the future. And those information marketers who don’t embrace this content style will be left behind.

Come learn how to turn the TikTok audience into raving fans and buyers!

Day #3: Scaling & Profit Multiplying

Day 3 is all about Profit Multiplying.

Most businesses in the information marketing space barely break even on their front end offers (most actually LOSE money in their funnels). Between all the costs of running a business - breaking even is actually a incredible achievement!

During day #3, we’ll show you how to take what you’ve built and RAPIDLY scale with the right balance of organic traffic, sales, and team building.

We’ll show you exactly how to build a sales team that’s compliant, ethical, moral, and does a superb job representing your mission by enrolling your students into amazing backend offers.

This is the day of PROFIT & ROI.

"Nailing this process has made advertising much more profitable for our team."

Session #9: Organic Traffic - How I Get 16 Million Views a Month Using Shorts
Morning Session - 90 Minutes

I’d NEVER embraced organic traffic until just a few months ago.

Now, I’m getting over 16 million views a month 100% organically.

The thing about business now is that consumers are not really buying from BUSINESSES anymore, they’re buying from BRANDS. Especially the younger generations, they want to know the PERSON behind the product.


BRAND is important.

...and the BEST way to build brand is through SOCIAL MEDIA...

When a recession hits, branding is more important than ever. So, how do you do use social media to build strong brands, increase conversions and build HUGE warm audiences (for your ads)?

It’s all about Shorts, Reels & TikToks!

In this session, you’ll learn how to use 45-second videos to get people to fall in LOVE with you, and go completely viral every day.

Come learn the exact formula we’re using right now to get 16M+ views a month.

Session #10: How To Run A KILLER Sales Team
Afternoon Session #1 - 2 Hours

An efficient and ethical sales team is one of the most effective ways of scaling your revenue. During this session, we’re going to talk to the MASTER of sales teams to learn how to build amazing sales teams...

You’re going to learn...

  • How to Recruit AMAZING Sales People...
  • The #1 Systems to TRAINING Your Sales Team...
  • How to Create Powerful Incentivize Programs...
  • Maintaining Compliance, Ethics & Student-Focused Culture....
  • How To RETAIN Your Best People for YEARS...
  • And How To SCALE Your Team with Leadership...

We’ll make sure to cover the EXACT metrics you need when building a sales team. Let’s turn your sales team into a data center and scale!

Session #11: How to Build a Powerful Team & Step Out Of Your Business
Afternoon Session #2 - 90 Minutes

Anik will explain exactly how he’s built the best team he’s ever had during his 20+ year career, and what he believes is one of the best information marketing teams on the PLANET.

One of his simple rules is that he NEVER hires for potential, he only hires for EXPERIENCE.

He’ll explain this controversial take, and why it has helped him propel his business to record numbers.

Anik will also show you his exact hiring strategy.

One hint: he never posts on job sites or uses a job board whatsoever. He has his own unique formula that helps him find the absolute best people that are completely self-sufficient in their positions.

With the perfect team in place, you can finally step out of your business!

Angie Norris
"Knowing the little tips, tricks, and strategies of the world’s greatest marketers. I can level up my game 10x now..."
Jordan Mederich
"There’s no reason to even second guess coming to this event. For me, half of the value is on the content, but the other 50% is just the networking..."
Richard Mugica
"In the first hour of the first day
I took away as much value as I needed.
It’s a no-brainer, Anik will deliver..."
Disclaimer: All attendees have existing businesses generating at least $500,000 per year.
Their results have not been independently verified. Any claims they make regarding the impact this summit can have on their business can not be substantiated.

Networking on Steroids -
Walk Away With Friends, Partners
& Found Revenue!

Just take a look at some of the high-profile attendees we already have and we’re adding more every single day. But, we have a MAX of 120 that we can and will take.  If you want to join you better get your application in ASAP!

We’re very intentionally creating an environment that facilitates networking and partnerships.  Our goal is to create connections and friendships that last a life-time. Our goal is also to help you arrive and immediately “find revenue” that makes this entire Event an infinite ROI for you!

This is networking at the next level because you will know that EVERYONE in the room is a Power Player.

You won’t have to worry about anyone in the room that is NOT bringing value!

Don’t Let This Economy Slow You Down,
Scale Faster & Surround Yourself With GENIUS...

There’s no way around it - the economy is WEIRD right now. People are getting more worried by the day.

You might yourself be facing...

  • Stalled revenue...
  • Increasing ad costs...
  • Falling conversions...
  • Lower engagement rates...
  • Increasing refunds...

It’s completely natural if you’re starting to get worried.

Here’s the thing: We’re here to tell you that while many people are hurting right now in the information marketing world, there are still plenty who are CRUSHING it.

At Expert Summit 6, we want you to meet them...

...They’ll be at this event!

Instead of listening to those who are worrying and spreading fear, why don’t we take the time and LEARN from the people who are excelling right now?

That’s the entire goal of this event.

We want you to come and...

  • Learn best practices for your business...
  • Find new ideas you can use ASAP...
  • Discover new funnels you can build...
  • Find new traffic resources...
  • How to scale your traffic...
  • Ways to increase your ROI...
  • Find new leads for your business...
  • Boost the 30, 60, and 90-day value of your customers...
  • Improve customer satisfaction...
  • Get better results for your customers...

We can do ALL of this during this economy - and each of our sessions is designed specifically with that in mind.

Don’t let this economy stop you.

The only thing we ask is that you apply and see if this event is right for you. If you meet the criteria, we have no doubt this event can change your business and change your life!

Awards, Free Food,
Parties & VIP “Pampering”
This Is a Red-Carpet Event!

Anik is pulling out all the stops for his VIP guests. You will walk on a red carpet. Everyone who attends will get an exquisite experience. This is kicking off a whole new brand for us (The Expert Summit) and we promise this is going to be memorable.

Even if you just want to come and have fun - this is the event for you!

Those who attend will have full access to:

  • An Amazing Networking Party...
  • Full Catering From a 5-Star Restaurant...
  • Award Ceremonies for Presenters and Attendees...
  • And so much more...

All with other extremely successful entrepreneurs.

Let’s have some damn FUN, and dramatically grow our businesses together!


How To Get A FREE* Ticket (Join Our Waiting List!)

This is an extremely exclusive event. Only 120 people will be in attendance LIVE at The Lurn Center in Rockville, MD.

To Criteria Needed*...

  • Have $500,000 in annual revenue from information marketing (and be willing to prove it).
  • Submit an application and be accepted by a member of our concierge team.
  • Be able to attend the event LIVE. There will be no virtual event.

We’re bringing the world’s greatest information marketers together under the same roof.

No zooms, no webinars - the entire event is LIVE.

If you meet this criteria, click below to submit your application. Someone will be in touch with you within the next 24 hours to tell you if you meet the criteria for the next step.

The next step will be a phone conversation with a member of the Lurn Team. We want to make sure this event is the right fit for you and that you’ll get the most out of The Expert Summit.

Finally, you’ll receive an official invitation to the event.

Can I Attend Virtually? NO!

This event is not about just watching content. It’s about connecting, solving problems, and meeting face-to-face with fellow entrepreneurs. You don’t do that over Zoom - you do that face-to-face.

For future Expert Summit events we may have a virtual option. But at this level - everyone must attend in person.

Common Questions

What time is the event?

The event will be held from 9am to 5pm each day - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Where is the event?

The Expert Summit will be held at the state-of-the-art Lurn Center in Rockville, MD.

Is there a cost to attend?

While the event is free, you are expected to cover the costs of your travel and hotel.

What hotel will we be staying at?
Can I bring a guest with me?

Because space is so limited, every participant will need to individually complete a form. Simply being a business partner or spouse does not automatically mean they meet the criteria to attend.

Can I refer someone?

Yes, if you meet the requirements you can directly refer someone and they will receive special consideration.

What if I can’t attend in person?

Even if you can not attend these dates, we recommend you fill out a form for future events.

Which airport should I fly into?

We are equidistant to BWI, DCA, and IAD. All 3 are easily accessible.

Join Us At The Lurn Center -
The Transformational Home For Entrepreneurs!

Located just outside Washington, D.C., this beautiful 26,000 sq ft facility was built specifically for events like THIS.

Join us to learn and network in our fully equipped auditorium, conference rooms, and training rooms during this 3-day event.

Each space features state-of-the-art audio-visual, lighting and sound systems.

We’re easily accessible from anywhere in the DC Metro Area. Just 1/4 mile off exit 8 on I270, and 1.4 miles (20 min walk) from Shady Grove Metro Station.

*In certain circumstances, exceptions may be made to these rules.
**Attendees may purchase additional programs at their own discretion.
Copyright © 2023 Lurn, Inc. All rights reserved. Lurn, Inc., is a sales and marketing education and training company. We believe, with education, business leaders can be better prepared to make advertising and investing decisions. Success is dependent on external factors such as implementation and effort of the participating business. We do not make claims on what you should expect to make without training. All material is intellectual property and protected by copyright. Any duplication, reproduction, or distribution is strictly prohibited.