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Business + Network With 120+ Power Players

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  • Oct. 24-26, 2023
  • Expert Summit: Founders
    Scaling With Artificial Intelligence
    ($500K+ Revenue Requirement)
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  • Nov. 14-16, 2023
  • Expert Summit: Foundations of Scale
    Scaling With Artificial Intelligence
    ($100K+ Revenue Requirement)
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The Next Expert Summit Is Coming Your Way In...

Past Expert Summit Events

Why The Expert Summit?

We're The Only Mastermind Dedicated To
SCALING Information Businesses!

There’s an easy way to scale a business and a hard way. We know from experience.

After more than 20+ years in this industry, We’ve discovered exactly how to position, build, and SCALE information businesses so that growth does not have to be a massive headache...

During our various Expert Summit Events, we go IN-DEPTH on exactly what it takes to SCALE information businesses, the exact strategies we’ve used OURSELVES, and the strategies we’re using TODAY to scale even more!

The only thing we ask is that you complete the form and see if this event is right for you. If you meet the criteria, we have no doubt this event can change your business and change your life!

What To Expect At The Expert Summit...

Come and network with the smartest and most innovative minds in information marketing. This is a room FULL of people selling...

  • Courses
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Agency Services

Because we cover such advanced topics, we VET every single attendee to make sure they’re EXPERTS.

We want to make sure that everyone in the room can HELP EACH other and bring value to one another. Because of that, there are minimum REVENUE requirements for each of our events...

For each event 120+ people receive invites.

We cover ADVANCED topics. This is NOT theory. This is NOT high-level overviews.

Every single info session at The Expert Summit is designed to teach you something you can implement in your business ASAP.

We cover EVERYTHING that goes into scaling, including...

  • Offers
  • Funnels
  • Team Building
  • Sales Teams
  • Copywriting
  • Traffic
  • And So Much More

If it has to do with SCALE, we’re covering it...

We’re pulling out all the stops for our VIP guests. Everyone who attends will get an exquisite experience.

You’ll even walk in on a red carpet.

Even if you just want to come and have fun - this is the event for you!

Those who attend will have full access to:

  • Networking Parties...
  • Full Catering from a 5-Star Restaurant...
  • Award Ceremonies...
  • Cocktail Parties...
  • And Much More...

Let’s have some damn FUN, and dramatically grow our businesses together!

Yes, The Expert Summit Is 100% FREE*
To Attend Here’s Why...

We’ve made our Expert Summit events FREE for one simple reason. One of the most important lessons we’ve learned (and preach every day) is...


We want to create so much value for everyone who attends that doing business with one another just becomes natural.

This is a 100% risk-free environment for everyone who attends. This is about connection. This is about COMMUNITY.

Let us make one more thing clear: This is NOT a giant pitch-fest. Don’t just take our word for it, just check out our testimonials right here . We’ve had more than 110+ video testimonials from past attendees - many who say this is better than events they’ve paid THOUSANDS of dollars to attend.

These testimonials are from those doing $500,000 to $10M+ in their businesses per year - REAL Entrepreneurs committed to SCALING.

Check it out for yourself...

Here’s What Past Attendees Are Saying...

John Talarico
"If you’re on the fence about coming, don’t waste your time. Don’t miss the opportunity to surround yourself with the right kind of people & information to scale your business to the next level..."
Jake Randall
"I’ve been running webinars for a LONG time, but getting the advanced strategies have been fascinating. It’s nice to be in a room with experts who know what they’re doing, & are doing big things..."
Alicia Lyttle
"Just with the connections I’ve made, in addition to the knowledge being dropped by Anik and the panelists, it’s hard to quantify just how much impact this can have on my business..."
Noah St. John
"I’ve been to lots & lots of events in the past 25 years, & this is absolutely one of the top level events I’ve ever attended. I love what Anik is teaching us, he’s really opening his playbook..."
Kaci Brown
"It’s incredible that Anik opens the
doors to his business, pulls back the curtain, & shares everything. Coming to The Expert Summit is one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time..."
Alok Trivedi
"The people in this room are playing
the game at a whole different level. They’re doing business at a whole different scale. The environment here allows you to up-level yourself..."
Disclaimer: All attendees have existing businesses generating at least $500,000 per year. Their results have not been independently verified. Any claims they make regarding the impact this summit can have on their business can not be substantiated.

Our Past Speakers...

Anik Singal Founder Expert Summit
Ashley Kemp Founder of Build Your Empire University
Jonathan Otto CEO at Health Secret &
Well of Life
Ryan Magin Content Marketer & Personal Brand
Troy Ericson Founder & CEO at The Email Paramedic
Scott Simson CEO at Video
Marketing World
Lynn Rose CEO & Founder at WOWUNOW
Lauren Tickner Founder & CEO at
Impact School
Joe Lawrence CEO at Business Credit Workshop
Janak Mehta CEO at Advertiser Incubator & Clients Online
Mike Buontempo CEO at Client Accelerators
Gary Ambrose Founder & CEO at High Card Marketing
Brendan Kelly Founder at Video Growth Systems
CJ McMahone Founder & Head Of Growth at HyperDrive
Leo Horacio Founder & CEO at Luna Automation
Alex Rivera Founder & CEO at Digital Blitz
Dan Ryder CEO & Founder at RYDER MEDIA
Joe Campanella Chief Business Officer at Lurn
Travis Stephenson Founder & CEO at Wealthery
Rocio Arroyave CEO at RAE Network Solutions
Deborah Cole Founder at 1st Minute Media
Justin Sardi CEO & Co-founder at TubeSift
Drew Griffin Co-Founder at
Greig Wells CEO & Founder at Virtual Dinner Party
Julie Mills CEO & Founder at Organic Growth Lab
Colton Havens CEO & Founder at Champion Marketing
Diana Burgos CEO & Founder at Leadsupward
Jordache Johnson CEO at Keep Business Simple

Here’s What Past Attendees Are Saying...

Disclaimer: All attendees have existing businesses generating at least $500,000 per year.
Their results have not been independently verified. Any claims they make regarding the impact this summit can have on their business can not be substantiated.

You’ll Walk Away With ACTIONABLE
Insights & Strategies
On Every Topic Needed
To SCALE Your Info Business...


One of our core focuses is solidifying your OFFER and multiplying revenue

In 2023, so many information marketing businesses are barely scraping by. Revenue is getting TIGHTER every single month. Many are LOSING money on their front end offers, and the costs of doing business are only getting HIGHER.

During our events, we’ll show you how to RAPIDLY scale your revenue (while others are panicking) with the right balance of offer stacking, back-end sales strategies, and iron-clad compliance. This event is all about REVENUE & ROI.


Nothing is more important for scaling than having SCALABLE funnels that convert. VSLs. Webinars. Sales Letters. Summits. Challenges.

We’ve done them all.

We’ll look at your niche, your target audience, your products and decide which funnel is the best for you.

But, when discussing funnels, too many people forget that there are different “kinds” of funnels. Many businesses get obsessed with just PAID MEDIA funnels that leave amazing profit centers completely untapped - like your EMAIL List and your SALES Team...

We leave NO stone unturned...


We’re laser-focused on DIALING up traffic. Whether it’s paid media or free traffic, we cover it ALL.

The challenge with traffic is that most information marketers think unilaterally about it.

Most rush straight to PAID traffic. Make no mistake, paid traffic can be one of your best resources, but you need to build a FOUNDATION of FREE traffic first.

Without that, you might as well be throwing your hard-earned money out the window.

Everyone knows that traffic is the fastest way to scale your business. We’ll show you the RIGHT way to build traffic in a SCALABLE way...


Once you’ve got an offer and conversion strategies down, and we’ve got all of our data. Now it’s time to hit the ground running with acquisition through OMNI-PRESENT marketing!

In 2023, if you want to CONVERT your audience, it’s CRUCIAL to stay in front of them wherever they are.

It’s no longer enough to stay in front of people on one channel. Staying top-of-mind through paid media, social media, and on various other networks is key to scale.

We’ll give you a full dissection of the strategies we use ourselves (and have been using for 20 years now) to acquire and CONVERT new audiences all the time...


During our events, Anik details exactly how he’s built the best team he’s ever had during his 20+ year career, and what he believes is one of the best information marketing teams on the PLANET.

One of his simple rules is that he NEVER hires for potential, he only hires for EXPERIENCE.

Anik will also show you his exact hiring strategy.

We’ll also show you exactly how to build a sales team that’s compliant, ethical, moral, and does a superb job representing your mission by enrolling your audience into amazing backend offers.

Angie Norris
"Knowing the little tips, tricks, and strategies of the world’s greatest marketers. I can level up my game 10x now..."
Jordan Mederich
"There’s no reason to even second guess coming to this event. For me, half of the value is on the content, but the other 50% is just the networking..."
Richard Mugica
"In the first hour of the first day
I took away as much value as I needed.
It’s a no-brainer, Anik will deliver..."
Disclaimer: All attendees have existing businesses generating at least $500,000 per year.
Their results have not been independently verified. Any claims they make regarding the impact this summit can have on their business can not be substantiated.

Join Us At The Lurn Center

The Transformational Home For Entrepreneurs!

Located just outside Washington, D.C., this beautiful 26,000 sq ft facility was built specifically for events like THIS.

Join us to learn and network in our fully equipped auditorium, conference rooms, and training rooms during this 3-day event.

Each space features state-of-the-art audio-visual, lighting and sound systems.

We’re easily accessible from anywhere in the DC Metro Area. Just 1/4 mile off exit 8 on I270, and 1.4 miles (20 min walk) from Shady Grove Metro Station.


Easily accessible from anywhere in the DC Metro Area. Just 1/4 mile off exit 8 on I270, and 1.4 miles (20 min walk) from Shady Grove Metro Station.


  • Free On-Site Parking
  • Many restaurants within a 5 minute walk
  • Within walking distance to shopping centers and public transportation

Common Questions

What time is the event?

The event will be held from 9am to 5pm each day - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Where is the event?

The Expert Summit will be held at the state-of-the-art Lurn Center in Rockville, MD.

Is there a cost to attend?

While the event is free, you are expected to cover the costs of your travel and hotel.

What hotel will we be staying at?
Can I bring a guest with me?

Because space is so limited, every participant will need to individually complete a form. Simply being a business partner or spouse does not automatically mean they meet the criteria to attend.

Can I refer someone?

Yes, if you meet the requirements you can directly refer someone and they will receive special consideration.

What if I can’t attend in person?

Even if you can not attend these dates, we recommend you fill out a form for future events.

Which airport should I fly into?

We are equidistant to BWI, DCA, and IAD. All 3 are easily accessible.

*In certain circumstances, exceptions may be made to these rules.
**Attendees may purchase additional programs at their own discretion.
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